Safety Equipment

De klasse regels vereisen een aantal verplichte items aan boord ten behoeve van de veiligheid. Deze items zijn vast onderdeel van controle gedurende kampioenschappen. Zorg er dus voor dat alles aanwezig is. Volgens de klasseregels van 2022 moet het volgende aan boord zijn:


  1. At least one fixed marine type compass of magnetic card or digital type capable only of instantaneous readout.
  2. One manual bilge pump.
  3. One anchor with or without chain of combined minimum weight of 5kg with 30m of non-floating warp having a minimum diameter of 8mm. When carried, the anchor, chain and warp shall be secured together ready for use and shall not be stowed on or under the cabin sole over the ballast keel. The minimum weight of the anchor shall be 3 kg and the maximum weight of the chain shall not exceed 4kg..
  4. One fog horn.
  5. One bucket with a minimum 9-litre capacity and attached lanyard.
  6. Personal Flotation Device for each crew member.
  7. A marine first aid kit with manual.
  8. Code Flag B.
  9. A copy of the current Racing Rules.


  1. One paddle not less than 1200mm in length, when fully extended.
  2. Two fenders of not less than 152mm in diameter and not less than 406mm in length, or two spherical fenders not less than 240mm in diameter.
  3. A tow line at least 19 metres in length and at least 6mm in diameter.
    The anchor line, mainsheet, jib or spinnaker sheets, shall not be used
    to satisfy this rule.
  4. Any local or government mandated safety equipment